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    Reporting a player


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    Reporting a player

    Post by Starmon on Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:07 pm

    Hye' Smile
    I am Starmon

    I am the head of Ban Appealer and Player Reports, or for short. A Community Advisor.
    I look around the whole server banning players that break rules.

    How to report a player in-game:
    In the future there will be a command called, [/report] which sends details to admins. This command will allow players, premium players, and moderators to send information of anything to an admin. You cannot abuse it like the following:

    /report How do I get OP
    /report What is the server forum
    /report HOW CAN I GET ADMIN
    You will be punished as jailed, banned, or even muted.

    How to report a player on the forums:
    Well you are already on the forums to be able to read this, so just follow the directory included below.
    Home > Appeals > Player Reports
    You must use a correct format to be able to report a player, the format is included below:

    Player Name:
    What did the player do?
    You must use this format in order to get a reply from a moderator or an administrator.

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